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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  January 17, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, i'm chris jansing, this morning the white house is gearing up for another giant campaign and it will use the same machine that got the president re-elected. this time though, it's about guns. now that the president has rolled out his plans for legislation and executive action, he's taking his case to the people with planned speeches around the nation. the white house has already unveiled a white house and a twitter hash tag. >> president obama's on the right side of the history here, he's on the right side of how to
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keep our children and americans safe. >> i'm very proud of president obama and certainly vice president biden who's done so much work on bringing everybody together. >> he really went big, he went broad. this is a comprehensive approach, an amazing job done by the vice president, incredible courage by the president. >> but the nra vows the fight of the century and republicans strongly condemn the president's ideas. senator blunt said, he's attempting to restrict the second amendment rights of law abiding americans. congressman scalise, any attempt by president obama to take away gun rights will meet strong opposition in congress. it was senator rand paul who went the farthest. >> our founding fathers were very concerned about having a separation of powers, they didn't want to let the president become a king. i'm afraid that president obama
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may have this king complex sort of developing and we're going to make sure that it doesn't happen. >> i want to bring in the political report for the washington post and editor of citizen jane politics and contribute for to the daily beast. let's start with the campaign push for this because we did see it work to help raise taxes on the rich. what does the president need to do this time around, do you think, patricia? >> i think he really needs to change the dynamic of what senators and congressmen are hearing from their constituents, and we see him doing that. the president knows when we look at national polls, the majority of americans are in favor of stricter gun control, but in states that are dedicated to keeping their majority, colorado, it can really the
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democrats can really unwilling to tackle this issue. >> let me play a little bit of the president's pitch from yesterday. >> ask them what's more important. doing whatever it takes to get a a grade from the gun lobby that funds their campaignings? or giving parents some peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade? >> we're asking congress for a -- universal background checks. what are the chances he gets any or all of those? >> i think it's important to take a look at what's important this time around compared to the last time around there was so much a crisis. at the start of the last congress when the tucson shooting happened and the biggest show of bipartisanship that came after that was at the state of the union when
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lawmakers at separate parties came together in the chamber to stand together. i think what's a little bit different is you're seeing some lawmakers among house democrats urging them to not just make that kind of show, but to bring someone to the chamber that has been affected by gun violence. through efforts like that, things are a little bit different this time around. there's a chance that the legislation that's being put forward may actually come forward on the senate side. but it will be in a piecemeal way. it all comes down to the senate majority leader harry reid over there, he has been acting to protect a dozen or so democrats. in state -- in the 2014 the terms and if he's acting hesitantly, that's a sign that he's concerned about the politics of this. >> there are some things that are not different this time. one is obviously the opposition of the nra, they say this is about banning your guns period. the president of the nra, david
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keen had this to say today. >> they have a good deal to fear. they have to fear the establishment of the national registry, you know in the last few days, senator from california and the governor of new york has suggested that one of their goals is what they call a forced buy back. that's basically confiscation. >> the message is that this is a slippery slope. and going back to your point about the more moderate democrats that have to be won over, is it clear -- >> it's really not fair yesterday, exactly what they will be willing to vote. some areas where i think even moderate democrats would be willing to dismiss the nra's opinion. we have heard a lot of con sen sis -- a 30-round magazine club and making that illegal. again the politics of this are
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so, so difficult and this is a congress that can't do the easy things. they almost can't agree on anything that's easy to agree on, so when you want them to agree on something that's difficult to agree on. i think that's why the president has been so -- there's a possibility congress won't do anything. >> i want to bring in james -- serving on the house democrats gun violence task force. and he has a very personal connection. >> good morning, you have heard from a lot of people, i'm sure, but one, and i think that one is a lot of moderate democrats might be compelled to listen to are some police officials. let me play for you what one police chief said yesterday.
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>> it opens a host of security issues. it is very difficult for even a highly trained police officer to engage an active shooter. >> he's talking about this proposal to either have armed guards in schools, or even armed teachers. this is not part of the president's proposal. i'm wondering what your reaction is to what the president has proposed. >> well, first of all, i support the president's proposal. we're asking him for some common sense proposals of how you address the issue of gun violence. it always gets my attention as you mentioned, the beginning program, i was a police cadet at 16 years old. you think the safest environment. i became paralyzed.
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now it just shows that you can't prevent every gun related incident. but we can make sure that we take common sense steps to keep our kids safe and the answer isn't always more guns, especiallily having more guns around our kids. so when i hear things like we're going to arm teachers, security officers in schools, it does concern me and by the way, there's a difference between trained police officers i would be much more open to that idea, we do have trained police officers, resoursz officers in schools and they certainly have a role to play, but it isn't necessarily about having guns in our schools that's going to keep our kids safe. making sure that weapons don't get in the wrong hands, criminals or people that have been ruled to be in mental health issuings that would preclude them from having a weapon because they're a danger either to themselves or to
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others. >> what path do you see forward? speaker john boehner has said the senate needs to act first on this gun legislation, but senator harry reid is not going to take the lead, he's going too leave it to others. he's concerned about constituents from more moderate states, more rural states, so how does this get moved forward? >> i did hear senator harry reid's comments that he was going to bring up things only that he could get through the house. i would hope that senator harry reid would bring lettingation to the floor of the senate. i hope speaker boehner will allow some of these measures to come to the floor. in the past he has said he would only bring things to the floor that had a majority of his majority. but just recently, we did see speaker boehner bring the fiscal cliff measure to the floor that didn't have the joerts of his republican support. he also brought the sandy relief
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aid bill to the floor that didn't have the majority of the republicans, but it did have bipartisan majority support, both on the fiscal cliff issue and the sandy issue. so if the speaker brings some of these gun measures to the president, including the background checks, perhaps even the issue of dealing with these high capacity magazines that hold 30 to 100 rounds of ammunition in them are tools of war and have no more business than they have on midwestern streets. >> we get to invite someone to the state of the union, to invite a victim of gun violence. do you think it is these kinds of personal stories and personal connections that will make a difference ultimately? >> i absolutely think the personal connections, personal aspects of this will make a clear difference. i give the president high marks for making this a senate peace
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early on of his new administration that he's going to push for some kind of responsible gun control legislation. we need to keep the momentum going in this. i along with carolyn mccarthy and keith ellisson have organized an effort to invite members from our communities who have been the investigations of gun violence or have lost a family member to gun violence, we each get one ticket to invite a guest in a state of the union message and i'm hoping that we have a strong presence of victims or family members that have been victims of gun violence in the gallery that night when the president delivers his state of the union message when he talks about responsible gun control. i respect the seconds amendment and i respect people's right to bear arms but we have to have responsible gun laws that keep our communities and our kids safe. >> congressman langevin thanks for coming on the program.
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the announcement that the president made yesterday was obviously very emotional. the president read portions of letters that children wrote to him and i just want to play a little clip of that. >> from a letter that julia wrote me, she said i know that laws have to be passed by congress, but i beg you to try very hard. julia, i will try very hard. but she's right. the most important changes we can make depend on congressional action. >> felicia, do you think that ultimately reconnecting people with the emotions that they had after what happened at sandy hook is going to be key if the gun control advocates are going to move forward. >> i think what was interesting, chris, about the president's speech yesterday was he not only took an emotional approach to this as you mentioned, reading from these letters and actually cutting from these kids on stage
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with him. he carried -- he said we have got the second amendment, but here are a whole slew of other rights, the right to peaceful assembly and those odds are also against the second amendment rights. i thought that was politically a very smart way to frame this issue. there ee's plenty of reaction already to the president's inclusion of children in this. i spoke with many experts who said that they said that this is an issue that involves children makes it logical to include them in these sorts of white house events. you have seen children in politics as long as the campaigns and the presidency has been around. there's certainly a president there, but there's a question of whether or not this will be enough to change the public attitudes towards this. >> let me show you an apgfk poll, i think this will surprise a lot of people. three-quarters of people reacted
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with deep anger after the newtown shootings, more than were polled after 9/11. i'm wondering what does that anger mean for this legislation? >> it means that people, if they want to see this legislation passed, they need to get in touch with their senators and congressmen. i think there was a feeling after newtown that really congress, the government, somebody had failed children. why can't you go to school and not get shot up by a man who's mentally ill? but i think something that's also crucially important here is there needs to be a series of measures across the spectrum for democrats and republicans to get on board with it if they think it's a measure that will end up moving things against the nra. if you can deal with mental health, you can deal with the entertainment history, deal with the gun industry, i think you can get this through. >> thanks to both of you. this is $100,000.
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when the president heads out to sell his gun control message to america, hundreds of mayors from both parties will be fighting alongside him. they had already formed a coalition called mayors against illegal guns to lobby congress. >> we as mayors were all sick, sick and tired of the bloodshed, the bloodshed that we witnessed in our cities. it is time to seize the moment. we want to reclaim our right to feel safe. >> please, mayors, continue pressing your representatives to do the right thing. keep listening to constituents, the majority of whom are desperate for common sense gun reform. >> i want to bring in the mayor of minneapolis who was at the president's announcement yesterday.
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good to see you, mayor, good morning. >> good to be back. >> i'm wondering if you think now 2013 may be the best opportunity that gun control advocates have had to have a real national conversation and get some things done? >> absolutely, but i don't think this is about gun control, it's reducing gun violence, there's a big difference. because i don't start with the idea of saying should or shouldn't do smomething one. i know too many people who are grieving for people. i have heard too many eulogies. many of us have been working on this for many years but now is the time. because we finally got some wind in our sails because of all of the most horrible of reasons. when you hear the discussion in washington, it's very different than what you hear in communities. i stood yesterday with a
7:21 am
wonderful woman whose father was shot at a workplace shooting where many other people died. what am i supposed to say to her? over this committee needs to study this and that. that's just bull to be really blunt with you. we need to act right now. it's not like we just woke up to this jewish. so there's a great chance to do things and one of them is common sense. >> new york's michael bloomberg, long-time gun control advocate. he'll be speaking at your convention tomorrow. let me see what he said about the challenge ahead. >> the hard work begins now. you don't force congress to act, you convince congress that it's in this country's interest. and i think most congress people and most senators will be responsive. >> you also say the conversation that's going on in the rest of the country is different from what you hear in washington and yet the nra is very interconnected to people out in the country, they have a
7:22 am
tremendous successful network of getting people to act and they s said they're gearing up for the fight of the century. >> if you really want to talk about lobbying groups, i'll tell you a lobbying group. the sad fact of the matter is, in every congressional district in this country there's at least one, and sadly many people who have been involved in gun violence. the nra has many members, i have no argument with them. i have a challenge with the leadership who sometimes think they can go run around in the halls of washington. they don't realize we have got more lobbyists out there and the sad fact of the matter is that we have all seen the blood, we have seen the shooting, we have seen the loss and if they want to have a fight, let's have a fight. the gun manufacturers want to take on the mayors of america? okay, guess who buys a whole lot of guns, police forces, so if you want to have that kind of a battle, let's have it.
7:23 am
>> you made a good point at the beginning, this isn't just about gun control, you're talking about stopping gun violence. but part of the nra's message that's been so successful is that the kinds of things the president is talking about and that you and the other mayors are talking about is part of a slippery slope that you want to take away their guns. how do you convince them that what you're saying that you support the second amendment as opposed to what they're saying at the nra that this is just the first step to taking away your guns. >> after 9/11, if we would have said we're going to screen people at airports, but only 60% of them. don't you think the terrorists would go to where the 40% weren't being screened? we do that now with guns. we screen people, we screen 60% of the people can guns, the ones that go to stores. but we don't screen those at gun shows. well, let's screen 100%.
7:24 am
that's common sense. i don't care what the nra thinks, i care about how to stop this. universal background checks would give us tremendous leverage. we do need to recognize, and some of the things that are on one side or the other of this debate. i believe there should be some reaction. but i also believe and some of the issues that we're feeding our children an obscene diet of violence and, yeah, i'm going to step up and talk about movies and video games that are unconationably violent and we need to all just said aside the washington frame that centers around the nra and just solve this problem. >> minneapolis mayor r.t. rybach.
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>> the moving story was central to his heisman trophy cam pane. turns out his girlfriend never existed. notre dame now holds out he was a victim of a cruel hoax. we will be live in south bend for much more on this story in our next half hour. . time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. kathleen king had a successful bakery business in southampton. left with a store front and a recipe, she started cakes. she now makes more than 2 million cookies a week with a half million in sales.
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look like obama might southern to another close ally for the chief of staff. it was a pretty tame going away party for treasury secretary tim geithner yesterday. >> they didn't serve any alcohol. >> the president told reporters, they're still on a bublt. and if you read only one thing this morning, we have all heard
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texas attorney general is taking -- is governor cuomo looking to fake away your guns? the other says, keep your guns, come to texas. cuomo and other democrats have seized the gun control debate and may be fueling voter enthusiasm as they consider a presidential run in 2016. >> no one hunts with an assault rifle. no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer. and too many innocent people have died already. a
7:33 am
end the madness now. >> let's bring in former huckabee campaign manager. it's hard to find any potential 2016 candidate who is haven't weighed in on the gun debate, along with andrew cuomo, you've got maryland's governor martin o'malley. he's going to roll out sweeping gun control proposals of the connecticut governor dan malloy. how is this going to play into the 2016 race, do you think, chip? >> it will play into it. because right now the governors can actually do something with this campaign legislation. as they get in front of the senate and the most interesting one right now is secretary of state hillary clinton who doesn't have to make a comment, she can kind of speak through president clinton, and she can see how the story develops before she weighs in. >> 2016 is still a long way off. do you see what's happening now
7:34 am
as kind of a sea change, that candidates won't be able to avoid the conversation and may in fact be out in front of the conversation to get out in front of it. >> i think the republicans will make it an issue because republican voters care deeply about their second amendment rites. i think the democrats will make it an issue because now there's a growing awareness that gun violence is something we have to take action about. i see both sides taking an interest in it. it's going to grow as an issue and candidates that might be considering running are putting it at the forefront. >> governor chris christie says he wants to have a conversation about not only gun control but of course violence control. and marco rubio has been weighing in on the government's proposals. >> what they proposed today will not affect anything that has happened in any of those places. >> i'm wondering if this is a
7:35 am
bit of a problem, chip, as some other issues have been for republicans in the past that you have to talk like that if you want to get the nomination. it's going to be a little bit more difficult when you get to the general election. >> they're pretty tough words no question. right now like we said, we are a long way away from that. but there's another way, i think we can talk about the issues, talk about what we would do, and not be negative. i this that's the pathway to take. >> so you think chris christie is being smarter on this? >> i think they have all got to take their own path, but talk about what we believe and why we're standing up for our second amendment rights. >> we talked a little bit about hillary clinton, you also have joe biden, he's been ahead of this issue for a long time and a
7:36 am
pers -- and senator gill brand, used to talk about how she had a gun underneath her bed and she's also someone who's talking about what do we do to stop gun violence. is this going to be even be beyond a conversation, i'm wondering, ted? is gun control going to be a kind of litmus test in 2016 for democrats? >> i think it could be. in presidential politics, there are basically two issues, the economy and war. and if the nation's economy continues to improve, if we're able to get out of afghanistan the way the president got us out of iraq. this issue of gun violence is emerging very quickly. and i have no doubt that it could become one of the dominant issues in the midterm election and also in the general election. >> also making news this morning, a story that has left a lot of football fans, well, you don't even have to be a faj because you probably heart about left folks feeling duped.
7:37 am
notre dame's linebacker, manti teo's girlfriend died back in september, at least that's what we thought but it turned out to be a hoax. nbc's john yang joins me now from south bend, indiana. and john, what are we hearing from manti teo himself. >> reporter: last night teo issued a statement in which he said that this whole thing was incredibly embarrassing. he said they developed an emotional relationship with a woman i met online. we maintained what i thought to be an authentic relationship by communicating frequently online and on the phone and i began to care deeply about her. to realize that i was the victim of what was apparently somebody's sick joke and
7:38 am
constant lies was and is painful and humiliating. right now the officials here at notre dame are standing firmly behind te'o, and there are many details that only teo. >> the thing i am most sad about is that the single most trusting human being i have ever met will never be able to trust in the same way again in his life. >> reporter: they are saying, as i said that this is teo's tale
7:39 am
to tell. he had learned of the deception in early december. notre dame hired outside investigators, they got their report on january 4th which was just three days before they played in the the national championship game, which they lost to alabama. but still didn't say anything because they said that te'o was the person to talk about it. there are indications that we will hear today from te'o. he was last said to be in florida at a camp preparing for the nfl draft that was coming up. >> one of the most bizarre stories we have reported in a long time. meantime the nightmare continues for boeing's dream liner. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. the faa has grounded the 787 over new safety concerns. >> japan has done it, india has
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done it, as you say the u.s. of course is doing it and now the european aviation safety act si is grounding this very troubled jed liner. the concern here is, chris, that the lithium battery can leak corrosive fluid and start fires and you might remember a japanese 787 made an emergency landing because of this problem and it also raises the question now of the financial burden that this is going to pose on boeing, of the compensation essentially to the airlines that have had to ground their 787s and they have really had to scramble their flights to make sure everyone gets on their flights and poland's airlines say they may receive compensation from grounding of its two 787s and it's only going to take delivery of three more dream liners that had basically reserved and ordered if the technical issues had been resolved and you can bet your bottom dollar that there might be other airlines that say the same thing.
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ever wonder why the flu is seasonal? recent research from virginia tech concludes the virus flourishes when humidity levels are below 50% and not as effective when humidity rises. the different strands can still form in high humidity. now to a developing story involving kidnapped americans in algeria, conflicting reports at this hour a as to exactly what's going on. the ap is reporting that algeria raided the gas plant where dozen -- those militants are claiming the raid killed 35 hostages and 15 kidnappers as they tried to leave the complex.
7:45 am
but it was a confusing standoff, there were originally reports some captives had escaped, others had been caught up in the fighting. the u.s. says that the reports coming in now are murky. e van coleman senior partner at flash point global, from your contacts what have you been able to discern about what's going on over there. >> it appears that the europe upon military has launched some -- the kidnappers were trying to leave this facility with their hostages and the concern is that if these folks leave with the hostages, it could be years before we see these folks again. >> because they're waiting to get ransom from the government, right? >> bingo. that's how these folks make their money. the signatories with blood brigade, the brigade that's supposedly behind this attack, it's headed by this man named
7:46 am
mokhtar belmokhtar. the guy is very mercenary and he's all about money and for years he's been leveraging multimillion dollar ransoms by mostly european governments and takes them out to the these serts and holding them for god knows how much time. this was the guy that was behind the cancellation of the paris stock car rally because of the concern of kidnappings. >> there have been some originally reports when this all first happened that maybe there was an al qaeda affiliation, a terrorist afi fiffiliatioaffili is terrorist affiliation? >> he was with al qaeda and then just about a few weeks ago, apparently he broke off and decided to be more of an independent operator, a free agent. the reality is that this guy has kind of had his own independent operation. he's been working with al qaeda
7:47 am
as part of al qaeda, but really under an umbrella. and he, unlike a lot of his comrades, he's very money motivated. in fact he's taken criticism from other jihadists because of the fact that they're saying you're not executing these hostages, you're trading them for cash. and the european government says that the reason we have this whole destabilization in north africa, is because this guy is taking in tons of cash and with this money is able to by weapons, is able to buy influence, his influence into the tribes there and essentially setting up a minisuperstate inside this giant unguarded region. >> leon panetta is calling this a terrorist attack. let me play what he said. >> by all indications, this is a terrorist act and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when
7:48 am
americans are taken hostage along with others. >> you mentioned destabilization in the region, how serious is that threat? >> it is a serious one, mokhtar belmokhtar has said we're going to go after people that are stealing the resources from this region, ie the petroleum base products that are from this region. the problem is that these folks will be execute hostages, no doubt, if they feel there will be no negotiations, if they feel that the u.s. government and the british government won't negotiate, they will kill those hostages. this guy is not zarqawi, but in some ways he's worse because he's unpredictable. they're looking for money, if they can't get money, they'll start killing hostages, almost for certain. >> a developing story, again, we will have much more on this as we get more throughout the day. today's tweet of the day on a very different topic comes from
7:49 am
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the international olympic committee is stripping him of his bronze medal from the 2000 sidney olympics. armstrong reportedly confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs in an interview with oprah on monday. j.p. morgan chase is cutting ceo jamie dimon's pay in half. it's been cut to $11.5 million. what do mark sanford, chris christie and ed markey all have in common? they're among the candidates in races to watch for 2013. good morning. 12k3w good morning.
7:53 am
>> mark sanford has been gone since 2009, but he put out a statement yesterday saying i am running because our country's future is at stake. how good are his chances? >> they're actually not that bad. mark sanford represented a lot of this terrorist when he was in the house for six years in the 19 # 0s. he has a national fundraising network and from eight years as governor, his name id is through the roof. he actually has an upper hand in this primary. the question will be whether voters are willing to forget some of his previous transgressions, whether hiking in the an des or not. democrats have lined up behind ed markey, so is scott brown going to throw his hat in the ring. >> it's possible. scott brown is faced with a choice, he can either run for the senate seat or try running for the governor again. it's really a tough decision for him because if he loses another
7:54 am
state wide race, it's going to be really hard for him to get back into politics. scott brown jumps into the senate race. democrats are coal lessing behind congressman head markey, the dean at the massachusetts delegation, he's been there for some time. he has not seen a tough race for about three decades. so it could be a real good one or it can be really boring. >> the big race is for virginia governor, where we have two very interesting characters, right? >> absolutely. capitol hill reporters like myself love this race because first of all it's only about three stoplights away on 395. and secondly because the cast of characters is just so june neek. you have these two partisan generals, running as a filed republican -- former dnc chair is a democrat taking his second stab at this race, it's going to be very interesting and polls are already showing a competitive race. >> another special election in illinois is going to replace jesse jackson jr. very crowded feel, including a
7:55 am
former nfl line backer? >> napoleon harris, former nfl linebacker and football for northwestern university which is in the chicago area obviously. this raice is very crowded, anything can happen. there are no shortage of ambitious politicians in the windy city. and very interesting racial dynamics as well. this district is a majority black district. an african-american member of congress has held this district or a version of it for a very long time. and there's also a white candidate who has a very large chance of winning this race given the large number of black voters in the primary. >> and you can't forget new jersey governor chris christie, he's up form re-election, what's his approval rating? it's like 71.7%. who wants to run against him. >> a couple of democrats have thrown their hat in the ring, it's going to be very hard to take down chris christie, his
7:56 am
approval ratings are sky high, he gets high marks from voters in the state. this race isn't about whether democrats can defeat chris christie, this is about how much damage they can do to chris christie ahead of a 2016 run. >> i know i'm kind of the sacrificial lam, but i'm going to make some contacts and get some goodwill against somebody who wants to make some money? >> if you're a democrat looking at this david versus goliath race, it's either for her own personal recognition, you're going to run again in four years. next time around, you guys better get behind me when have a real shot at winning a state wide raise. and that wraps up this hour of jansing and company. i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. >> i love that segment, i need some breakfast popcorn to go along with that.
7:57 am
the agenda next hour, president obama's big push on gun control and a forceful push back from the right. more like gop leaders start tossing around the word impeachment. congressman adam shift will join me. meanwhile the nra is gearing up for the fight of its life. but does it really have the political clout it used to hold? and on a much lighter note, listen to this, 50 shades of gray goes to college, sex, book sales and media hype around the popular trilogy becomes a course at one of america's finest universities? we're going to have the professor in the next hour. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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